This week’s weather finally felt something like normal for the time of year but at¬†least the cold temperatures are accompanied by clear skies and brilliant sunshine. After such a warm autumn and winter, I’m sure the poor plants don’t know whether they are coming or going and these freezing temperatures must be a real shock to the system. It certainly halted my gardening progress but it hasn’t prevented the customary purchase of ‘dead’ plants.

It is at this time that Raewyn and I visit the nurseries for bargains and we weren’t disappointed. We went to F Morrey and Son at Tarporley. I can’t say that we came home with a boot full of ‘bootiful’ plants but it was full of¬†anticipated promise and for just a few pounds each.

Of course, they don’t look at all like the pictures below but hopefully one day…

Phygelius ‘Moonraker’ Phygelius ‘Devil’s Tears’
Hebe Albicans Red Edge Daphne Mezereum ‘Rubra’
Anthemis E C Buxton Geranium Endressii