Nothing to see here!

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Or that’s what I thought when I decided to venture out into the bog that once was a garden.

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It was freezing outside but I could wait no longer. I donned two pairs of gloves, fleece lined jacket and wellies and went outside to weed the veg bed. I have two parallel veg beds, one was completely clear of weeds, the other covered in them as well as a blankety moss. As usual, one thing lead to another and I was soon weeding and tidying up the fallen twigs. It’s so wet that the borders have been invaded by liverwort.

I was amazed to see the number of flowers that are already in bloom and thrilled to see that the flower buds on the ‘last chance’ camellia still looked healthy despite a short frost not so long ago. One tiny yellow crocus stands bravely in the middle of the lawn, wonder where the other 249 are? The snowdrops are finally coming into their own, standing out brilliantly against the dark soil and other less ostentatious plants. What a surprise to find a sprinkling of tiny pink Daphne flowers along the otherwise bare branches. It would be easy to overlook the one very short, greyish blue iris beneath the hibiscus bush.

Well, I made it half way round the garden before I gave in to the cold and decided to leave some weeding for another day. Thursday promises temperatures in double figures, could be positively barmy!


A new year has begun!

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OK, so my last post was way back in June, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any gardening! 2012 wasn’t a great year for the garden with all that rain and the beetroot wasn’t up to its usual standard but the carrots, swedes and purple mange-tout produced a very satisfactory harvest.

However,  I am starting 2013 with renewed enthusiasm and have already made my first acquisition of the year – Madeleine des deux saisons – a fig tree. All my seeds are organised for planting in my new seed tin and plans for the veg patch are under way.

Already new shoots are appearing, but no sign of the 250 crocuses planted in the front lawn last November. Early days.