Bonfire night saw the turning point for day time temperatures, dropping dramatically. Rain and gale force winds brought down the bulk of the Japanese maple leaves from next door. Then disaster strikes! Gale force winds blew the grow house over and all the seedlings and cuttings were scattered far and wide. Spent 1 and a half hours re-potting but don’t hold out much hope. Towards the end of the month the day time temperatures barely get above freezing, record low temperatures at night.

1st November:
Cut down aconitum, verbena, actea and sedum. Not sure if this is the right thing to do. Bought lavendar and dianthus from B and Q for 50p each and planted in front rockery

7th November:
Emptied compost from veg bag and distributed around flower beds. Steve skimmed off the grass around raised beds to create bark chip pathways.

14th November:
New plants arrived but I’m not sure what to do with them. I think I should plant them out but it is so wet and muddy I might just put them in pots for now.

Planted more tulips in Chelsea border and front rockery, came free with new plants.

21st November:
Put raspberries in pots and gave 2 away. Advised not to protect over winter so they have been left to the mercy of the elements.

2 tonnes of soil has gone in to the raised beds but they are far from full.

28th November:
Another tonne of soil arrives but remains a frozen lump in the driveway.