A couple of warmer days to melt the ice and snow, -3 and -4 at night but the days are managing to stay above freezing.

9th January:
Tidied garden, removing remains of perennials and raking up leaves. It’s amazing how many things are showing signs of life already, sedum, aquilegia, clematis.

Pondering about whether I need a PVC/insect net cover for raised beds. Cost £178 so I need to be sure.

Cuttings in grow house not looking too good.

18th January:
No sign of daffodils yet but I think I can see some aliums.

Greenthumb came to scarify and aerate the lawns.

Potatoes (Kestrel) have arrived so they are waiting patiently in the conservatory. Veg seeds also arrived so I have some planning to do.

Bought hoops and covers, need to get them on to warm the soil.

Used winter tree wash on apple tree. Should have been done in December so I hope it’s ok.

25th January:
Some daffodils daring to emerge in to the cold. I’m sure I will have lost lots of plants due to the severe winter.

Managed to get one cover on so at least I will be able to get my onions in soon.

New box hedge arrived and needs planting as soon as possible. I was going to put them around the edge of the round patio but will have to see whether the damson tree roots will allow it.

30th January:
Onions planted in covered bed 10cm apart and 20cm between rows.