August was warm but very wet.

I planted out strawberry runners, they look like satellites surrounding the mother ship.┬áTransplanted fuschias into bigger pots. Planted Pennisetum Rubrum which is a gorgeous tall burgundy grass with straw coloured bristly flower spikes which sway hypnotically in the breeze. I planted them in the Chelsea garden but I think they might need a sunnier spot. I can’t find out whether they are perennial or annual, it seems to depend on where you live. They were quite expensive so I hope they survive the winter.

Everything went mad while we were away on holiday. Harvested one sack of potatoes, Marfona and was very pleased with the yield, although I did notice that the compost was very dry.

Harvested the rest of the carrots as well as the blueberries (which I have just been eating straight from the plant – delicious!).