Last year we spent a fabulous week in the wonderfully secluded Tottergill Farm. From here, we were able to travel around the Lakes, Hadrian’s Wall and Northumberland. It was while during a visit to Hadrian’s Wall on a beautiful sunny day, we were inspired to join the National Trust.

The very next day we decided to put our new membership to good use and set off for Cragside. We drove through thick fog for about an hour and a half only to be greeted with the announcement that Cragside was closed on Mondays! Unbeaten, we retraced our journey and discovered Wallington.

rhodochitonWhilst exploring the walled garden, this beautiful specimen caught my eye but I didn’t have a clue what it was. I took a photo of it with the intention of looking it up once I returned home and promptly forgot all about it. That is, until it turned up in the Gardener’s World magazine. So, I now know it is a rhodochiton or purple bell vine and it will climb or trail. My 10 very expensive seeds are now languishing under the bubble wrap in the conservatory. Mystery solved!