This has been the week of the Chelsea Flower Show. I must admit I had every intention of watching but have only managed to dip into a few programmes.

The rhododendron has been in the garden since we moved in. It is old and miserable with puny flowers and unattractive foliage so, as it is not earning its place in my small garden, it has to go. I’m quite sad about it really but I’m sure it resents being cut and contained to fit such a confined space. Raewyn took me to Dunge Valley Rhododendron Gardens in the Peak District National Park to find a replacement. What a beautiful and fascinating place, (you must read the ghost stories on their web site). I chose a gorgeous specimen called ‘Rainbow’. It wasn’t in flower so I am depending on David’s advice that it will produce deep pink to white flowers next year. It will grow to 6ft in 10 years and has a more open structure than the existing one.

The Old and the new

I also purchased a couple of meconopsis poppies from Dunge Valley which were planted along with my 3 free poppies fom Thompson and Morgan. Raewyn gave me some aquilegia and some pansies which were planted along with the recently germinated Honesty. I finally got the nicotiana to germinate but it is so tiny, I daren’t plant it out just yet.Steve and I payed a visit to Gordon Rigg in Todmorden to buy some terra cotta plant pots and plant supports. A little way down the road on the way home we heard a bump and a crash from the boot and on investigation discovered that the newly purchased pots had fallen over and smashed in the boot. We returned to said garden centre and bought some more, this time carefully wedging them behind the seats in the car. Oh, and by the way, I couldn’t resist buying two hanging baskets as well! Some amaranthus Foxtail and Greenthumb have been planted in the new pots.  

The giant alium have been flowering for weeks now and are still looking good. The bees love them!

I am sure I originally planted these as aliums but I’m not convinced. They are pretty though.

 At last year’s Tatton Flower Show, Jean and I bought some delightful ladybird poppies. I was hoping they would self-seed but with my penchant for weeding and my inability to discern weeds from plants, I never thought I would see them again. However, I spotted these little beauties and am really hoping they are what I have been waiting for. Either that or I am nurturing weeds again!  
Raewyn gave me this lovely blue grass a couple of years ago and it has slowly established itself in the back rockery without doing very much except growing. I was delighted when it threw up these gorgeous seed heads!I am concerned that the garden is now looking a bit jumbled as I keep cramming in more and more plants. I need to reorganise!